Grade 2A eBook (MPH Maths PB Ebk P2A Enhanced 3E)


My Pals Are Here! Maths (3rd Edition) is a comprehensive, task-based and learner-centered programme designed to provide pupils with a solid foundation in mathematics and opportunities to become efficient problem solvers.

My Pals Are Here! continues to make learning mathematics fun and rewarding through the use of engaging illustrations, photographs, hands-on activities and games that help reinforce and consolidate learning pupils of different abilities.




Use poems, stories and scenarios pupils can relate to in the chapter openers to capture their interest, provide engaging introduction to the topics and jump-start learning.

Introduce concepts through short tasks that involve the use of manipulatives and other concrete materials in the section “Learn!“. At the end of each task, pose thought-provoking questions to help develop pupils’ creative and critical thinking skills.

Carry out Hands-on Activity to promote active and collaborative learning. Where possible, pupils will complete station-based activities in rotating groups to best utilise class time.

Challenge pupils to solve non-routine questions by applying relevant heuristics and thinking skills in the section “Put on Your Thinking Cap!“.


Make mathematics came alive by using the tips to apply mathematical concepts to everyday scenarios in and around the home.


Perform investigative activities in the section “Let’s Explore!

Discover exciting and interesting ways to have fun learning mathematics in the section “Game!“.

Share your thoughts with your teachers, create your own mathematics questions and become aware of your own mathematical thinking in the section “Math’s Sharing!“.