Michelle Reyes

A Guide to Singapore Math

Michelle Reyes of MyStudyPartner has been an educator for 35 years. With V-Dose Education, learning Singapore Math with and for their children is made fun, exciting, & easy!

“I must admit, I was not always a very good student,” says Michelle. “But if you want anything enough, it is always within reach.” Michelle has been a tutor for over three decades now, beginning when she was a teenager in Sta. Cruz, California, up until she set up MyStudyPartner in Manila, Philippines. With nearly a thousand students – some now full-grown adults that have gone on to become successful engineers or educators themselves – in her career, she brings the highly distinguished Singapore Math program to parents.

Through a series of Singapore Math video tutorials to accompany comprehensive modules for grades 2 to 6, Michelle will teach parents how to teach their children in what appears to be textbook and classroom hacks for this terror subject. In partnership with V-Dose Education, these concise video clips will walk parents through math lessons that they may have forgotten, only to rediscover a switch in their brains turn on as Michelle shares her tricks and tips.